High-end quality since 2012.

Production is based in Ningbo, China.

Ningbo Jinghai was formed since 2012 by Mr Haibo Chen.

Ningbo Jinghai was formed since 2012 by Mr Haibo Chen. With rich experience in machining parts, high-precision products and timely delivery, it has developed rapidly so far, we have three processing departments and more than 80 employees.To meet the demands of the growing production capacity, the number of equipments is also increasing, and more and more high-tech staffs will join us.

Subsidiary company Ningbo Jiubo International Trading Co.,Ltd., which was founded in 2016, and it provides customers with one-stop service, including design, evaluation, quotation,processing, logistics, customs clearance.

Our Advantage:

◆Rich experience of manufacturing CNC machining parts of export to ◆Europe and Germany.
◆Perfect quality control system, and strong manufacturing capability.
◆Rich experience of OEM/ODM management team.
◆Efficient supply chain management and diversified engineering solution.
◆Advanced quality management system (GB/T 19001-2016 /ISO 9001:2015)