Milling parts


Ningbo Jinghai is your best supplier of milling technologies.

More over 10 sets of CNC machining centers and 4 axis machining centers.

We will produce your highly-precise milling parts up to the dimensions 800 mm length x 600 mm width x 500 mm heigth from prototypes up to serial production. Ningbo Jinghai provides the technology needed for highest precision on the micrometre and nanometre scale.

Our machinery park includes modern CNC machining centers. In most cases, we are able to offer you all processing steps from turning, milling and drilling on only one CNC machine. This saves time for setting up and reduces error sources in the CNC parts production. Ningbo Jinghai offers you a quick, highly accurate and economical production of your CNC parts.

– Machining steel
– Corrosion resistant steel
– Alloyed and non-alloyed steel
– Heat-resistant and cryogenic steel
– Aluminum
– Brass